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The Intelligent Household Sterilizer Cabinet Factory

The Intelligent Household Sterilizer cabinet factory is a portable sterilizing cabinet with a built-in UV light that kills germs and bacteria. It is designed to sanitize all sorts of surfaces and objects, including clothing, food, toys, personal care products, medical devices and more.
A variety of sizes and types are available to fit any space and budget. Some are rechargeable, making them even more convenient for travel. These units are also great to have around the home for emergency preparedness.
Germicidal UV Lamp
Kerkau H-75 and F-100 cabinets feature germicidal lamps that deliver 254nm ultraviolet light, which is a highly effective disinfecting agent for killing bacteria, viruses and mold spores. Each bulb is easy to install and has a long operating life of up to 8000 hours.
Unlike other disinfecting systems, the ultraviolet light from a Kerkau cabinet has a direct, focused effect on bacteria, viruses and mold. This is particularly important for hospitals, laboratories and other facilities that deal with large numbers of microorganisms.
Ultraviolet disinfection can also be used to protect your family from the spread of illnesses like colds, flu and swine flu. It's a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your household and workspace clean and free of harmful germs.
In addition, the disinfection system can be used in places where people share headsets and eyewear such as schools, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The UV rays are also used to sterilize equipment in laboratories and other industrial settings.
These cabinets can help prevent the spread of illnesses and reduce costs by reducing cleaning, replacement, and inventory costs. They're also helpful for those with limited access to professional irradiation services, which can be expensive.
The disinfection cabinet features a 25-watt germicidal UV lamp with an easy-to-install G13 bi-pin base that can be replaced in minutes. The cabinet is built with aluminum reflectors that increase the effectiveness of the germicidal rays by up to 85%.
Depending on the design of the product, the disinfecting cabinet can hold up to 150kg of objects (approximately the tidal volume of 30 people) and can be used to sterilize a range of objects from toothbrushes and milk bottles to smartphones and tableware.
The global market for the disinfection cabinet is expected to grow at a strong rate over the next few years. The growth of this market is attributed to increasing demand for the disinfection cabinet from end-use industries, such as Toothbrush Sterilizing, Milk Bottle Sterilizing, Smartphone Sterilizing, Tableware Sterilizing and Clothes Sterilizing.