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Yongyao Technology committed to becoming a world-class professional R&D, China Multifunctional Air Fryer manufacturers and oem/odm oilless air fryer factory. Now engaged in multiple product lines: rice cookers, air fryer, electric ceramics heater, electric pressure cookers, disinfection small household appliances, oven and other product lines, with more than 40 categories and more than 400 SKUs.
Yongyao has the whole industry chain supply capacity of PCBA design, assembly, electrical accessories manufacturing, injection molding, hardware and electrical appliances manufacturing and processing. To Be A Preferred Small Appliance Supplier In The World. You can also wholesale non-stick coating Multifunctional Air Fryer from our advanced manufacturing factory.
  • Supply Advantages Of Vertical Integration.
  • Meticulous Selection For Top Grade Quality.
  • Strong R & D Ability To Create More Value For Products.
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Industry Knowledge

How are air fryer manufacturers addressing concerns related to potential health risks associated with air frying, such as acrylamide formation?

Air fryer manufacturers are taking several steps to address concerns related to potential health risks associated with air frying, particularly with regard to acrylamide formation. Acrylamide is a chemical compound that can form when certain foods are cooked at high temperatures. Here's how manufacturers are addressing these concerns:
Temperature and Time Control: Manufacturers often provide temperature and time control settings that allow users to cook food at lower temperatures and for shorter durations. This can help reduce acrylamide formation, as it forms more readily at higher temperatures and with longer cooking times.
Pre-Programmed Settings: Many air fryers come with pre-programmed settings for common foods. These settings are often optimized to minimize acrylamide formation while ensuring that the food is properly cooked.
Cooking Guidelines and Recipes: Manufacturers include cooking guidelines and recipes that help users prepare food with reduced acrylamide formation. These resources often emphasize techniques like blanching, parboiling, or soaking to lower acrylamide levels.

What safety features are essential in air fryers to prevent accidents and ensure user confidence?

Safety features in air fryers are essential to prevent accidents and ensure user confidence. Here are some key safety features commonly found in air fryers:
Overheat Protection: Air fryers are equipped with sensors that can detect overheating. When the temperature exceeds safe limits, the fryer automatically shuts off to prevent a fire hazard.
Automatic Shut-Off: This feature turns off the air fryer once the cooking cycle is completed, preventing the food from overcooking and reducing the risk of accidents.
Cool-Touch Exterior: The exterior of the air fryer remains cool to the touch during operation, reducing the risk of burns or injuries when users accidentally touch it.
Safety Interlock: Many air fryers have a safety interlock system that ensures the appliance doesn't operate unless the cooking basket is properly seated, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by an open fryer.