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Buying a Portable Induction Cooktop

Whether you’re looking to replace your electric or gas cooktop, are experimenting with induction cooking, need a portable stove for camping or holiday meals, or simply want an extra burner on hand at all times, a portable induction cooktop is the way to go.
Induction is a better, more efficient option for heating up your food, and many induction cooktops are safer than their gas or electric counterparts. They’re also a lot easier to clean up than other types of cooktops because their surface remains cool throughout the cooking process.
The key to a good induction cooktop is to find one with a wide temperature range and excellent temperature control. Look for models that can go down to 80F, and make sure to check the power settings to ensure they’re not too high. Generally, you’ll want to choose ones with lower maximum wattage levels (200W or below) because they’re better for maintaining temperatures.
Important Features
While not as powerful as the Mirage Pro, the Duxtop 9100MC is a well-built, moderately priced portable induction cooktop that heats quickly and holds its temperature down to 100F. It’s a versatile, reliable addition to any small kitchen or busy commercial space.
Its simple interface makes it easy to set cooking levels, and its timer allows you to customize your schedule. It’s also equipped with a few safety features, including auto-pan detection and an overheating protection system that turns off the unit if it detects that your pot is too hot.
We like the fact that it has a built-in fan to help dissipate heat. This helps extend the life of the device and keeps it from becoming too hot to touch.
A few of the more expensive models, such as the Mirage Pro, also have a temperature lock that stays at a constant temperature for up to five minutes. This is a great feature for things like soups and stews that require long simmering times.
Another feature that’s helpful for keeping the cooktop from overheating is a timer that can be programmed in 1-minute increments, with a maximum of three hours. This allows you to set a cooking time, walk away, and be able to come back to it without having to worry about the stove getting too hot or having to wait for it to cool down again before you can cook again.
The Duxtop 9100MC also has a few other helpful features, such as an overheating protection system that turns off if it detects that your pot is Too Hot or Not Safe to Use. You can disable these notifications at any time in your settings menu.
Lastly, the NuWave Flex Precision Induction Cooktop is a lightweight, compact induction cooktop that’s great for studio apartments, dorm rooms, or RVs. It’s only 6 inches wide by 16 inches long, but it can handle pots up to 12-20cm in diameter and has 45 precise cooking temperatures.
The NuWave Flex is perfect for travel, and it’s easy to store when not in use. It has a solid crystal glass surface that’s nonstick and stain-resistant, and its controls are easy to wipe down. It also has a countdown timer and comes with a child safety lock.